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Simplify Your Security


One of the first ways to secure yourselves from the ongoing threats of network intrusion is to educate your team on how to detect and prevent attackers from infiltrating your system. We provide on-site or remote training for small and large organizations that are looking to strengthen their overall security and understanding of current threats and vulnerabilities.

Call us to schedule a consultation on what training would work best for you.

Individual Security

This session is designed to provide a foundation of security by giving the individual guidelines for best practices and tools to keep them secure both at work and at home!

Topics include:

  • Home network security - how to properly configure and secure consumer-based routers to keep the bad guys out.

  • Safe computer practices - how to secure both your home and/or work computer as well as your online identity, using:

    • Disk encryption​

    • Adware and malware blocking plugins

    • Backup solutions (local and cloud-based)

    • Social media privacy best practice

  • Password management - recommendations on selecting strong and secure passwords, with an evaluation of tools and utilities to keep passwords secure.

  • Protecting against social engineering and phishing - a discussion on how to identify and prevent social engineering attacks, including physical and internet-based phishing.

This training is designed to give participants the knowledge on how to leverage tools and utilities to gain a strong insight into what is happening in their networks.

Think Like a Blue Team

Topics of discussion and demonstration include:

  • Use of free tools for teams on a budget (LAPS, RITA, Sysmon)

  • Utilizing tactics to understand entry points and actions of infiltrators (Open Canary)

  • Incident Response process (P.I.C.E.R.L.)

Gain the edge on your competition and harden your team's knowledge with certification training. Currently teaching through the Upper Peninsula Cybersecurity Insitute. Learn more about scheduling and upcoming courses through our events page.

Certification Training


Secure your computer infrastructure.
  • Offsite data services

  • Assett management and technical support services

  • Cybersecurity essentials and audits

  • FDIC and HIPAA compliance

  • Certified Professionals

  • IT Management services and more!

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