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Cybernetics works hard to secure the community by helping public entities and services while giving experience opportunities for grade school and college students.

The Community Engagement and Student Experience Program is designed to secure our community while giving real experience to those aspiring to be security experts!



Cybernetics Lab is working to develop the community and its cybersecurity posture. Through web events, conferences, and community engagement, we will support our community to get secure. We currently are looking for businesses or other entities that are looking to assess their network security posture. 

No matter how large or small, apply to our program to see if you can qualify for a free vulnerability assessment and consultation!


Cybernetics Lab wants the community infrastructure to be secure for all of our public. We also want to secure our future by giving students an opportunity to get hands-on with assessments and other security projects to promote security awareness and interest in the rapidly growing security industry.

If you are a student in Highschool or College and would be interested in future events, apply for free today!

Cybernetics Lab is proud to support

2020-08-03 20_23_25-Welcome to the Super

Student Cybersecurity Association (SCA)


Upper Peninsula Cyber Institute

Become a part of the #getsecure initiative

We are looking for community leaders to be apart of our GetSecure initiative.

Our Industry leaders that join the initiative are using the leading recommendations and best practices for cybersecurity for themselves and their clients.

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