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Get Secure in 2021

Enhance your security posture by learning from industry researchers and professionals. Mark your calendars for February 2021 to get involved in the first annual Get Secure seminar!

February 11th @ 5:00 PM, 2021 in Marquette, MI

Seminar Topics


Blueteam on a Budget

Learn ways to enhance your network's security posture by implementing open-source tools and utilities to help any team sleep better at night!


Social Engineering in the Modern Day

Discover ways businesses have protected their networks and valuable information by using training and tools to enable individuals to recognize common social engineering techniques.


Best Practices with least privileges

Hear from a local industry leader on ways to give individuals the tools they need for their day to day while keeping the security infrastructure safe.



Dr. Jim Marquardson
Assistant Professor of Information Assurance and Cyber Defense, NMU

Jim started his information technology career in Houston, Texas working for ExxonMobil. At ExxonMobil, Jim developed software, architected large system deployments, and performed risk assessments. He left industry to pursue a career in education where he can share his passion for technology with the next generation. He earned his PhD in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona where he helped conduct research for the Department of Homeland Security with an emphasis on border security and screening tools.

Benjamin Chaney-007.jpg

Benjamin Chaney
Founder of Cybernetics Lab

Ben obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems from Northern Michigan University in 2019. During his time in school, he worked with NMU to help develop the Educational Access Network, primarily focusing on creating processes and training for customer support and equipment setup procedures. Ben created Cybernetics Lab in 2019 with the focus of enabling businesses and public entities to strengthen their security posture. Since starting Cybernetics Lab, they have partnered with many local groups and public entities to help further information security across the Upper Peninsula including Superiorland Cooperative and the Upper Peninsula Cybersecurity Institute.


Matt Landers
Security Consultant at Attacktics

Matt Landers has been an accomplished ethical hacker/security researcher for over 20 years and spends a majority of his time discovering new vulnerabilities and attack vectors.  He is a security consultant for Attactics, a security company devoted to hardening client's infrastructure.

A few of the companies that Matt has worked with to better their security standpoint are ING Inc, AT&T, New Relic, Ubiquiti, GM, TP-Link, Sophos, Netgear, Cloudflare, Autodesk, Facebook, Netflix, Indeed, Alienvault, Poly(Polycom), P&G and more.

Matt Landers is an EC-Council member (CEH) and CEI (Certified EC-Council Instructor).

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